The Best Vacation I’ve Ever Taken


I know, the title of this post does not really scream personal finance, but it’s my blog right?! If you bear with me until the end of the article, you’ll see why going on vacation can certainly apply to personal finances. I have had the privilege to go on many vacations, both growing up as a child and now being married to Mrs. Frugal Rules. It was on my first trip to Western Europe at nine years old that I first got glimpse at how big the world is and was instantly hooked on traveling the world. Now that I am a parent, we’re usually looking for summer vacation ideas and have learned that it’s not necessarily where you go that matters, but the time spent together with those I love and creating memories that’ll last a life time.

My Favorite Vacation

I have had the privilege of seeing a fair amount of the world in my life, including nearly all of Western Europe, a good chunk of the Caribbean, parts of South America and Alaska and by far my most favorite vacation was our honeymoon. I know that it may not be the most original of answers, but it was a time that I’ll take with me until my last breath.

You see, Mrs. Frugal Rules is Irish…at least she claims to be. She’ll say that she’s 25% Irish, but her family is 75% German, which my family is nearly all German to which I would say she’s German. ;-) But, as I’ve learned, you really do not need much to claim yourself to be Irish. :-) Back to the point, her dream for as long as she could remember was going to Ireland. Part of what I see as my role as her husband is doing what I can, within some reason, is to help make her dreams come true. Cheesy, I know, but the genuine truth. To make a long story short, we were blessed to spend nearly two weeks in Ireland. We flew to London and spent a total of three days there and this is the only part of the trip we planned. From London, we took a flight over to Dublin and spent two days in Dublin.

Both cities were great to see and experience and we really do want more time in London, but can be very touristy. The best part of the trip was renting a car in Dublin and roaming the countryside of Ireland for the next week and a half. To say that Ireland is green, is a major understatement. It was so verdant and beautiful; I can still see it in my mind today. We had a bed and breakfast book that we took with us and decided where we wanted to go the night before and called to make our reservation. We were able to stay in some very beautiful little villages and had the time of our lives. We enjoyed it so much that we talk seriously about moving there someday – which would make Mrs. Frugal Rules very happy to say the least.

I Love to Travel, so Budgeting is Key

We love to travel and while going on vacations is not necessarily the most cheap, they can be done on a budget. I know that not everyone believes in budgeting, and that’s not really the point of the post, but the beauty of a budget is that you can mold it to what meets your needs and wishes. One way we accomplish that is through saving money for vacations. It’s not really a novel idea, but it motivates me to save money because I know that saved money will allow us to go on a trip that we’ll enjoy.

Ultimately, it all comes down to priorities and, for us personally, one of our priorities is to be able to travel. We work hard throughout the year and play hard while on vacation. We budget so we can enjoy ourselves and not worry about being frugal while on the trip.

How to Get Someone Else to Pay for Your Vacation

You might be thinking this is great and all, but how does it apply to me? Well, how many of you like to go on vacations? I am sure it’s many of you and if so we’re all faced with how to pay for it. As a frugal person, I like to look for ways to save as much money as sensibly possible and still get what I want and going on vacation is no different.

If you’ve been a visitor of my blog for long, you’ll remember how recently we started churning credit cards like my Barclaycard Arrival World Mastercard to help fund a trip for my birthday in January. Thanks to our planning we’ve been able to secure enough rewards points to pay for our airfare and three night stay this upcoming January in Las Vegas. I know that not everyone is able, or has the stomach, to churn credit cards and that is perfectly fine. That begs the question of how do you get someone else to pay for your vacation…the next best option I see is to win a giveaway! I am co-sponsoring a giveaway with some of my favorite bloggers to help giveaway some cold hard cash to help fund part of your next vacation. The giveaway is open to anyone worldwide and is payable via PayPal. Just follow the Rafflecopter instructions below and you could be on your way to winning a cool $500, $300 or $100!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

What is your favorite vacation memory? What would you do if you won the $500?


Photo courtesy of: Ivan Walsh

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