Best of Personal Finance Roundup – Week Ending June 12, 2015

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Personal finance involves a lot of things and none of us know everything. Here are five articles guaranteed to help you grow your net worth positively.

Howdy friends! It’s hard to believe, but June is nearly half over! Something new we’re a part of this summer is something spearheaded by my good friend Deacon over at Well Kept Wallet known as the Best of Personal Finance Roundup.

It will be a traveling roundup that will be featured every Friday at one of the following four sites: Well Kept Wallet, The Frugal Farmer, Debt Roundup, and your very own Frugal Rules. The purpose the roundup is to highlight posts from the personal finance niche that are informative, make you think and, overall, help you reach your financial goals. With that out of the way, let’s move on to the posts!

Personal finance involves a lot of things and none of us know everything. Here are five articles guaranteed to help you grow your net worth positively.

Personal Finance Posts of the Week


1. The New Money Rules for 30-Somethings over at Time. I’m sadly, or not so sadly, not in my 30s any longer. That being said, I really enjoyed this piece. Over the next few years, we’ll see upwards of 45 million people be in their 30s. That means, generally speaking, a lot of different things and with many of those things there will be a significant cost associated with them. They are also seeing things are just a bit different for them than it was for their parents generation. The article provides some practical tips of what to follow as a 30 something wading through the financial landscape. As an aside, I don’t agree with the author’s point on 529 plans though can understand it.

2. What Contributes More to Financial Change – Knowledge or Behavior over at Luke 1428. Knowledge and behavior are two key parts to being financially literate, not to mention achieving goals you have for yourself and your family. Which is the more important characteristic though? Both are vitally important, especially as they cause positive action, though one stands out. To paraphrase Brian, do you want to be a sponge or do you want to be the one wringing out the sponge? The latter option is the place to be, in my opinion.

3. Five Things I Was Willing to Give Up to Save Money over at The Simple Dollar. A common theme I hear from people is they can’t save money. I understand in some circumstances it can be more of a challenge then in others. However, in most instances money can be saved. Holly shares about the journey she and her husband started about five years ago. They were getting ready to start a family and wanted to make some changes. They weren’t in debt, but knew they could do better financially and learn to live on less. I loved this article as it’s another reminder that many changes can be done relatively simply. Yes, you might miss some things in the beginning, but over time you’ll notice that you don’t miss most of the things. After all, they’re just things. If you’re looking for some simple ways to cut back then check out this post.

4. 6 Telltale Signs You’re in Great Financial Health over at Daily Finance. This is a syndicated piece from LearnVest that discusses the important topic of being financially healthy. Many know that having a good credit score or getting the full company match in your 401(k) is important, but there is much more to being financially healthy than that. Not only does it involve finding ways to make extra money but it also means living on less than you need. The last sign may surprise some and is one I wholeheartedly agree with – being done with car payments.

Personal finance involves a lot of things and none of us know everything. Here are five articles guaranteed to help you grow your net worth positively.

5. Creative Ways to Save Dollars  over at Money Watch 101. Looking for some creative or uncommon ways to save money? This is the article for you. We’ve all read the articles telling you to do this or that to save money, but this one brings creativity to the discussion. It’s in this creativity that challenge is created and, in my opinion, a greater potential to save more money. I’ll leave you with this thought – whatever your plans are for this weekend – put away the same amount you actually spend in your savings or brokerage account. You get to have an enjoyable weekend and you pay yourself…two birds, one stone. 🙂

There you have it friends. Hope you enjoy the articles and take away something from them like I did.


Do you have anything fun planned for the weekend? What is one sign of being financially healthy you think we overlook? What is one creative or outside the box way you save money?


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