Love them or hate them, credit cards are an essential financial tool in today’s global economy. The best credit cards facilitate the purchase of goods and services in a way that cash or checks simply can’t – just ask any eCommerce retailer. In a way, credit cards are kind of the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of the finance world – they can bring out the best or the worst in you. I’ve written about my own misuse of credit cards and how I got myself into a mountain of debt by using them to fund irresponsible spending choices. However, in time, I’ve seen the rewarding and even lucrative side to credit cards and know first hand that they are what you make of them.

While I would not recommend applying for credit cards without having an established budget and wise financial habits in place, as long as you use them correctly, there’s no harm in applying for the best credit card offers out there. You may be able to earn free travel rewards, gift cards or even cold hard cash from the credit cards on this page. Of course, I encourage you to pay off your balance in full each month as anything else is financially imprudent. That said, review the offers and apply for the best credit cards that you feel are right for you.

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