Two Baby Expenses I Never, Ever Expected

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baby expenses

When I was pregnant with my twins, I was always so amazed at the range of experiences other parents had in terms of the cost of their children. Some said they were super expensive. Others said that people got way too worked up over baby gadgets and that kids don’t have to cost that much at all.

Being the frugal gal that I am, I set out on a journey to be that parent who did not overspend, who did not buy every baby item, and who took all the way to 12 weeks to finally accept that my home would be filled with baby gear after taking a free bouncy chair from a neighbor.

As some of you know, we had some bumps in the road that were not expected, namely with an extremely high NICU bill after they came just a tad too early, yet there were other things I’ve paid for – things I never expected. Here are a two of them:

1. Expensive Formula

This is still a sore subject for me, but here it is. Basically I was (and am) very happily breastfeeding my twins, which as you all know is 100% free. However, as the twins grew, I needed to supplement with formula, which was fine for a while until both twins developed severe reflux (which is apparently common in preemies.) They now require very expensive specialty formula which was a cost that completely caught me off guard. It’s about $30 for a can and as y’all know, we have two kiddos. We go through a lot of cans, even with just supplementing. Honestly, the whole journey of feeding these kids has been financially trying but emotionally trying as well. For that reason, I’m 100% in favor of parents just feeding their kids however it has to happen. You can plan for things to go one way as much as you want, but in the end, you have no control over how it turns out.

2. Energy Bills

So, everyone told me you do a lot of laundry when you have kids. It makes sense, right? I mean, they’re babies, and as I said, my babies have reflux and have taken to puking on stuff all day long. However, I probably should have asked for some more details. Y’all really did mean a lot of laundry! I had no idea. Truly. The washer and dryer in my house run all. the. time. There is never a moment when one of them is not on. The twins plot against me and make sure that I have to change their outfits 3x a day each. Then there’s the hubs who is picks up questionable stuff on his clothes at the hospital and of course my puke ridden outfits. Parenting is dirty work. Y’all should have told me, but I guess if you reveal all of the parenting details ahead of time, you might scare some of us newbies off. Anyway, all that to say that our energy bills are way higher than I expected too.

And P.S. My kids are adorable, and I can still type posts while covered in spit up so all is well over here. 😉

Did you find kids to be more expensive than you realized? Did things turn out differently for your kids than you hoped or expected?

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