6 Tips for Managing The Costs of Moving

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If you thought that putting a down payment on your home or apartment was costly, wait until you see how much it’s going to be to relocate. Believe it or not, moving can cost several hundred dollars just in transporting your belongings from one place to another. No one wants to deal with being in the hole when they move into a new place, but it happens more often than you might realize. However, with careful planning and simple budgeting strategies, you can minimize those costs significantly. Check out these suggestions on how to manage your moving expenses to avoid going over budget:

1.  Create a Budget


The best way to save or manage money is to have a budget in place. While you may not have thought you needed a budget to relocate, it can help you keep your finances in order. Your moving budget will need to factor in an average of how much it would cost you to move and how much you actually have to spend on the move. From there, you can make a determination on which areas you can cut back on and which expenditures are unavoidable.

2.  Reserve Your Moving Date Right Away


To keep moving costs low and to get a clear understanding as to what you’re going to have to pay you want to reserve your moving date with a moving company right away. Whether you plan on using moving containers, professional movers, or a moving van, you can get a quote to determine how much it will cost you. This quote will be the determining factor in how much you can spend on other areas involved in the move.

3.  Assess Free Resources Available


To get the most out of your moving budget, allocating free resources is your best bet. Some of the more common resources that are free or very affordable are moving supplies. By finding boxes that you can recycle, using sheets instead of bubble wrap to protect your fragile items, and/or investing in storage containers that can be used once you’re in your new place, you can cut the cost of moving significantly.

4.  Find Income Streams if Your Budget is Tight


If your moving budget is tighter than expected after receiving your moving quote and utilizing free resources there are still ways to stay within your spending limit. The simplest option since you’re moving would be to have a garage sale. By downsizing the amount of items you’re bringing with you, you save money on moving costs. However, if the items are in good condition, selling them can earn you extra money which can be put towards your moving budget. Be sure to advertise your garage sale accordingly so that you get a decent turnout.

5.  Use Cash as Often as Possible


Though it might seem feasible to swipe your credit or debit card when purchasing products or services for your move, this is one of the quickest ways to go over budget. Using credit cards of course result in you paying higher rates for your move as the interest will accrue. Paying for things in cash allows you to have a clear understanding of how much money you have left. This can help you in making informed decisions about the cost of your move.

6.  Ask for Help


They say the best things in life are free and that includes the relationships you have with your friends and family. If you’re really strapped for cash but need help moving, call on those you trust for assistance. In most instances they won’t charge you and you can cover more ground. Friends and family members could take the place of professional packers and movers helping you to pack your things and load them so that you save money.

Moving is a tedious process that can be stressful at times. Managing the cost of a move can be tricky if you don’t have certain processes in place. By implementing each of the above referenced tips you can stay on track and not go over budget. Though it won’t take every stressor of moving away, it will most certainly aid in putting your mind at ease.

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